We think this product is the most effective cable organizer in the world. As far as we know, there has been no such product. With the aim at 'making a perfect cable organizer that has not existed in the world,’ we have had many sleepless nights over the past years.

This product is a universal cable organizer so that anyone can easily use it. 

It can serve cable bundling and rolling. It is a 'volume adaptive cable roller' for arranging cables considering their length and thickness.

See various videos
This product enables easy, rapid, and compact rolling of almost cables of electronics such as laptops, computers, TVs, and set-top boxes, heaters, fans, electric pads, vacuum cleaners, beauty products such as hair dryers, kitchen appliances such as blenders and cookers, electrical appliances for exercise, power strips, USB, mouses, keyboards, earphones, and various communication devices.

We had guessed that this product would be used in various ways.

In addition to its main purposes of cable rolling and bundling, we think it can be transformed into a cable holder by attaching to a desk, bookshelf, wall, etc. or a hanger or hook by attaching to a refrigerator, kitchen wall, etc. See the following video.

Wall socket cables cleanup wizard
We found attaching this product to beside a wall socket very beneficial. We thought about the usage more carefully and we were quite satisfied. This product enables easy and compact organization of multiple cables connected to a wall socket.
Conventionally, we need to pull out the power plug to save the standby power of electronics connected to the outlet, and the cable is left on the ground after disconnecting the plug. Even though it does not intend to save the standby power, the plug is pulled out.

If you use this product, the cable can be easily hung after being disconnected from the socket, and the plug can be easily put into the outlet, again.
 It is very convenient and useful.See our video.

Arranging cables of Christmas tree – “Christmas Tree”
In addition, we also found that this product can be used for arranging cables of Christmas trees or large trees. We make a special video clip for your happy holiday. Please, enjoy it. “Gamkki” will compactly organize cables of all kinds of Christmas trees. See the following video.

We thought that this product would be good to arrange cables used in greenhouses or strips used for plant cultivation. This product will be useful to arrange cables of other lamps, standing signboards, tools such as glue guns, etc. and in the medical, industrial, agricultural, fishery fields, etc. Also, we thought this product would be able to be used for arranging the ropes of yachts or boats.

We also found this product would be very effective to arrange camping tent strips or hang lamps by hanging this product on the tent strips installed. Gamkki is applicable to commercial cables for standing signs; agricultural, fishing, and livestock cables for stables and greenhouses; temporary cables for construction and roadwork sites; industrial equipment cables for power tools, solder, and factory equipment; and cables for medical equipment, electric/telecommunication works, and the automotive industry.

Unfortunately, we could not perform field tests for them, yet.  We'll make an additional video clips for you.

However, we can't know and understand all things with our experiences and knowledge.

We may not discover something forever.
Please, give us your ideas.  
Your suggestion may play a key role in distributing this invention to the world. Even tiny suggestions are good for us.
Please, let us know an additional use or use place of this product, not mentioned in this campaign website. Thank you.

메인 동영상
main video

크리스마스 츄리
Christmas trees


충전기, USB, 이어폰
chargers, USB, ear phones

전기장판, 청소기
electric pads, vacuum cleaners

벽면콘센트 케이블 정리 마법사
all socket cables cleanup wizard

헤어드라이기, 10 m 동축 케이블
hair dryers, 10 m coaxial cables

멀티탭, 안마기
power strip, massagers

정리 후 모습(11가지)
Appearance after organization (11 kinds)

가전, 길거나 굵은 통신선
electronics, long & thick cables



사용하지 않을 때에는 케이블에 거치
Fix it to the cable when not in use

다용도, DIY
versatile, DIY

‌탄성 몸체
Flexible body

원 터치 잠금기능
one-touch lock

원 터치 잠금해제기능
one-touch unlock

케이블 이완방지 기능
cable loosening prevention function

팀 소개
introduce team

조립, 해체 칼라 교체
assembly, disassembly, color replacement

TV, TV 주변기기
(TV, 사운드박스, 셋톱박스, 공유기, 통신선들...)
TV, sound boxes, set-top boxes, routers, communication  cables
(TV & Peripherals)

PC, PC 주변기기
(PC, 마우스, 키보드, USB, 모뎀, 통신선들...)
PC, laptops, mouses, keyboards, USB, modems, communication  cables
(Computer & peripherals)


계절 가전
(선풍기, 히터, 에어컨) 
fans, heaters, air conditioners
 (Seasonal appliances)

주방 가전
(믹서기, 정수기, 전자레인지...)

mixers, water purifiers, Microwaves
(Kitchen equipments) 

billboards lighting cables
(Electric wires)

캠핑텐트 줄 정리 및  캠핑 전등 거치
camping tent string,   lamp fixing

차량, 런닝머신
Car & running machines
(Car & Fitness equipments)

글로건,  공구
glue guns, power tools
(Power tools)